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New art project, Be aware of your own existence… Control Bear

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    Control Bear is a project with a distinct twist of black humor,
    which surpasses the traditional notion of a character and moves into the realms of art.

    Through a long period of trial and error in multiple mediums
    including typography, collage and illustration,
    the artist felt that the best way to share his message
    with many people was by using this character as a medium.

    By creating an image that is so unexpected and unusual - a cute,
    innocent bear taking off his own head - the artist communicates his message:
    you control everything, be strong willed and don’t be controlled
    by others or just follow what others expect you to do.

    While being extremely simple this piece of art holds a strong message.

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    Control bearのブラックユーモアを内包するフォルムは

    タイポグラフィ, フォトコラージュ, イラストなどあらゆる手法による試行錯誤が繰り返されたが



Control Bear Special Collaboration: No.6 .efiLevol× Control Bear

Control Bear Special Collaboration: No.6 .efiLevol× Control Bear


人の中に必ず存在する“愛”に焦点を当て、ミリタリー、ワーク、トラッド等の完成されたベーシックを理解した上でジャンルレスにデザインし構築していくブラ ンド。思想的アイディアのもとに、ディテールとパターンにこだわり、ギミックや皮肉的ユーモアを織り交ぜた服のデザインが特徴的。


Producing wear for both men and women, it is in partnership with many highly regarded fashion outlets throughout Tokyo and internationally. Operating not only within the realm of fashion, but also in areas of creative media such as artwork, visual production, music, and so on, in a fresh attempt to overturn the stereotypes of fashion. It continually earns for itself the daily attention of many beyond Japan’s shores, and is truly deserving of being named a “representative brand” of Tokyo.

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Heather Gray



Control Bear Artist Collaboration: No.3 UAMOU × Control Bear

Control Bear Artist Collaboration: No.3 UAMOU × Control Bear


「Uamou From Another Planet(-遠い星からやってきたウアモウ-)」の主人公。ピュアなハートをもった宇宙人の男の子。好奇心旺盛。冒険が大好き。ぷにぷにの真っ白な体につぶらな瞳。ツノのような耳はアンテナの役割でテレパシーで会話をする。


Uamou is a pure hearted, adventure loving alien boy who is brimming with curiosity. He comes from a planet far far away and has a squishy white body and round eyes. His horn-like ears function as an antenna, which he uses to communicate through telepathy!!

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Heather Gray


Cherry Pink

special project 05 Collaboration Exhibition Control Bear: Art Coin Bank Project → Exhibition Site

POP UP STORE at : Narita International Airport Control Bear POP UP STORE

POP UP STORE at : Narita International Airport Control Bear POP UP STORE

期間限定ショップ「Control Bear POP UP STORE」が登場。


Control Bear POP UP STORE 開催期間


Control Bear - A cute, innocent bear with a twist of black humor.The Control Bear POP UP STORE will be open at Narita International Airport, Terminal 1 Chuo Bldg 4F for a limited time from February 5th to June 3rd, 2013.

Four original T-shirts celebrating the store opening will be on sale in adult and kids sizes along with other T-shirts, figurines, stuffed animals and limited edition items which are only available at the Control Bear POP UP STORE.

Control Bear POP UP STORE

On Display:
February 5th, 2013 (Tue) to June 3rd, 2013 (Mon)
Store Hours: 8:00 - 20:00

Control Bear POP UP STORE
@Narita International Airport
China Prefecture, Narita City, Narita International Airport Terminal 1 Chuo Bld 4F


special project 05 Collaboration Tshirts Control Bear x Threadless

Control Bear Special Collaboration: No.5 Threadless + Control Bear

世に送り出すThreadlessとControl Bearの
ブラックユーモアを内包した無垢で愛くるしいクマが自らの首を取るという動作からインスピレーションを受けたThreadlessの、最も象徴的な4つのデザインとControl Bearが融合。

Threadless and graniph have come together to create four new t-shirts inspired by their most iconic designs. Threadless products are designed by artists all over the world. Their online community makes and picks the designs Threadless sells next. graniph’s Control Bear is an art project with a twist of black humor. It features a cute, innocent teddy bear taking off his own head.

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The Communist Party + Control Bear

Funkalicious + Control Bear

Mister Mittens' Big Adventure + Control Bear

Pandamonium + Control Bear

Threadless + Control Bear

special project 03 Collaboration Tshirts Control Bear x Paramount Pictures

Control Bear Special Collaboration: No.3 Control Bear × Paramount Pictures



の4作品とControl Bearがコラボレーションした

To celebrate Paramounts 100th Anniversary, 
Control Bear has teamed up with 4 of Paramount's
well known movies for a dream collaboration! 

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s x Control Bear

The Godfather x Control Bear

The Bad News Bears x Control Bear

Saturday Night Fever x Control Bear

™, ® & ©2012 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.


「ヒーシー イット アクア」で2009年度文化庁メディア芸術祭マンガ部門奨励賞を受賞。代表作に「ブランコ」「マムアン」など。

Wisut Ponnimit

Manga and animation artist.
Lives in Bangkok, Thailand. Well-known for his nick name “Tam”.
Debuted with his first manga work in Thailand in 1998.
Studied in Japan in 2003, and afterwards, published his manga such as “Blanco”, ”Mamuang” in Japan.
Won a prize for “hesheit aqua” at Manga Division, Japan Media Art Festival in 2009.

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art project04 Collaboration Tshirts Control Bear × Sanrio

Control Bear Collaboration Tshirts : No.2 Control Bear × SANRIO

Control Bear x Hello Kitty & My Melodyのコラボレーショングッズが発売されます。
(携帯周り・ぬいぐるみ関連・フィギュアetc )


Control Bear x Hello Kitty & My Melody
collaboration goods now on sale.
( Soft toys, figures, mobile phone straps etc)

To celebrate the release of these products graniph will be releasing a t-shirt and one-piece dress featuring humorous designs of each of the characters imitating each other.

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Control Bear x Hello Kitty Tshirts        White  Black 
One Piece  Outline Black  Color Black 

Control Bear x My Melody Tshirts        White  H,Gray 
One Piece  Outline H,Gray  Color H,Gray 

art project 03 Art Toy Project Control Bear × artless : Figure3

Control Bear Art Toy Project Control Bear × artless : figure3

artless inc.が手掛ける『Control Bear オフィシャルサイト』のオープンを記念して、artlessとのコラボレーションフィギュアが登場。

あえて塗装を廃したことで、『Control Bear』というキャラクターの概念を超えた、まさにアートトイとしての仕上がりになっています。

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3 Color Set (Red, White, Black)

art project 02 Artist Collaboration Tshirts Control Bear × Shun Kawakami

Control Bear Artist Collaboration Tshirts : No.1 Control Bear × Shun Kawakami

川上 俊

1977 年、東京都生まれ。artless Inc. 代表。
アート、 デザイン、ブランディング、インタラクティブ、ビデオ、プロダクト、インスタレーション、空間演出など、既存の枠組みを越え、アートとデザイン双方から多方面へアプローチを続けている。2010 年、フィンランドの TV 局(ch4) の為に制作した映像作品が、「カンヌ国際広告祭」(Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival) ブランドデザイン部門で金賞を受賞。国内外で多くのエキシビションやプロジェクトを主催/参加及びキュレーションしている。各メディアへのアートワークの出品などアーティスト活動も精力的に行っており、2008 年には日仏交流 150 周年記念事業として経済産業省が主催するパリ/ルーブル宮内「装飾美術館」での「感性展」(印刷部門)に選出されアートブックを制作展示している。他の主な受賞歴は、NY ADC: Young Gun 6、NY ADC、D&AD、The One Show、London International Award 、NY TDC、Tokyo TDC、グッドデザイン賞、Tokyo Interactive Ad Award 等。

Shun Kawakami
Artist / Designer / Art Director

Born in Tokyo in 1977. Represents artless Inc. Kawakami has been actively involved in a wide array of creative endeavors including art, design, branding, interactive, video, product, installation, and space production.

In 2010, he won the Gold Award at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival for the work he produced for a TV channel in Finland (ch4). Kawakami has been energetically involved in sponsoring exhibitions and projects in Japan and overseas as well as curation while also submitting his art works to different media. In 2008, he was selected to participate in the Kansei-Japan Design Exhibition at Les Arts Décoratifs (Musée du Louvre, paris), sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to commemorate the 150th year of the Japan-France relationships. For this occasion, he produced a unique art book.

Kawakami has won several prestigious international awards including NY ADC: Young Gun 6, NY ADC, NY TDC, The One Show and The London International Award. Also in Japan, Kawakami has won numerous awards including Tokyo TDC, Good Design Award and Tokyo Interactive Ad Award. His professional membership includes New York Art Directors Club (NY ADC) and Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.

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Control Bear mail magazine

Control Bearの最新情報を不定期お届けいたします。ご希望の方は、メールマガジンにご登録ください。※PC・スマートフォンに対応しております。 >プライバシーポリシー

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